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News from our Board of Directors

May is Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month, and in that spirit, we want to take a moment to celebrate two AAPI members of our Board of Directors.

Rakesh chandra’s election to the CFH board of directors

We are honored and pleased to announce the election of Rakesh Chandra to the CFH Board of Directors. He brings to the board and CFH extensive knowledge in multiple areas of expertise including technology, operations, marketing, and management.

Over the course of his career, he held senior leadership roles at IBM across several geographies (India, London, Paris) and different functions. Rakesh is a certified SCORE mentor, providing business guidance and support for small businesses. We look forward to welcoming Rakesh to the board and tapping into his wealth of skills during an exciting period of strategic growth at CFH.

About his election to the board, Rakesh said, โ€œI am deeply honored to be joining the board/team who are passionate about making an impact on the homelessness in NYC. I will work hard and endeavor to live up to the mission and ideals of CFHNYC.โ€

A special honor for CFH Board Chair Surjit Chana

In addition to welcoming Rakesh on board, we are pleased to announce that Board Chair Surjit Chana has been named one of the “100 AAPI Board Members Making a Difference” by BoardProspects. This prestigious honor by BoardProspects acknowledges his profound influence in leadership roles spanning technology, governance, finance, and social responsibility.

Surjit joined the CFH board in 2017. He has served in multiple leadership positions and board committees and was elected chair in 2021. He is currently focused on his Harvard Fellowship project on using technology for good, intergenerational poverty, and the impact of technology on leadership, strategy, governance, and operating model of organizations. He serves as chair of the Technology Committee and member of the Asset-Liability Committee (ALCO) for Beneficial State Bankโ€™s board. He is also a Director on the Board of Bancorp and a member of the Global Alliance for Banking on Values (GABV) Technology Committee, and a Director of his alma mater, the University of Surrey Foundation.

“I’m honored to be recognized alongside other distinguished Asian American and Pacific Islander board members,” said Surjit. Thank you to BoardProspects for recognizing me, and thanks to the team at Care For the Homeless, who are working to help the most vulnerable in society.โ€

CFH President & CEO George Nashak said, โ€œWe are thrilled by this well-deserved recognition of Surjit Chana. CFH has greatly benefitted from Surjitโ€™s extensive leadership and governance expertise from both the private and public sectors. When combined with his dedication to our mission, he is an exemplary leader who has confidently guided our organization through an exciting period of