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Special Announcement: Join the Neibacher-Rosen Legacy Society

The Society will recognize individuals who have named CFH in their estate plans.

We are pleased to announce the creation of The Neibacher-Rosen Legacy Society at Care For the Homeless (CFH). The Society will recognize individuals who have named CFH in their estate plans. This can include naming CFH as a beneficiary in a will in the form of a bequest to CFH (ex: a specific dollar amount, a percentage of cash/liquid assets, stock(s) or another comparable asset).  

The Society’s name recognizes Susan Neibacher, CFH’s first Executive Director, and Harry Rosen, a former board chair who provided impactful leadership during a pivotal time in CFH’s history. 

Of course—all of us at CFH want to end homelessness permanently and are working every day toward that goal. And our work is making a difference every day by providing high-quality, comprehensive health care that is accessible to all in need and delivering many other solutions to homelessness. But as long as there is homelessness, we need the support of many, including you! If you are a current donor—thank you! Or perhaps you cannot make a financial donation today, but you could still make a significant difference by naming CFH in your will or other estate plans.  

If you have included CFH in your estate plans, you can inform the Development office (please see information below) simply by letting us know without any additional information about the designation or intention. Your name will be listed as a member of the Society, OR you can remain anonymous—the choice is yours.  If you want to remain completely anonymous and not inform CFH that you have included the organization in your plans, that is also your choice.  

As a member, we will stay in touch with you via our monthly newsletter, important updates, and other special invitations to CFH events. 

If you would like to leave something to CFH but have not created your will yet, you can do that easily and at no cost to you in 20 minutes! This online resource, courtesy of Freewill, makes it quick and easy to make your will and include CFH in your plans:  www.freewill.com  If you do want to include CFH in your plans, please use the following information: 

Your support can help us continue to serve the most vulnerable New Yorkers in their time of greatest need.  

For questions about the Society or including CFH in your estate plans, please contact: 

Cathy J. Sharp, (212) 366-4459, x217