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Our Shelters

CFH shelters help medically frail and mentally ill women get back on their feet. Since 2008, over 1200 women have been placed in permanent housing.

Care For the Homeless (CFH) opened Susan’s Place Women’s Shelter in 2008. Since then, over 1,200 medically frail and mentally ill women have healed, gotten back on their feet and found permanent housing.

In 2019, we continued along the same path with the opening of the 52nd Street Women’s Shelter.

Housing ends homelessness in the same way that health care ends homelessness. Our shelters provide women with the services they need to achieve permanent housing. Explore below to meet these women and learn about their many achievements.


If Care For the Homeless (CFH) had a flagship site among our 26 locations, Susanโ€™s Place would be it. Of course, all of our sites are important as they all provide essential, high quality services. But it isnโ€™t an exaggeration to say that our organization and our sites wouldnโ€™t be where they are today without the role Susanโ€™s Place played in the organizationโ€™s development. Click below to read about the history of Susan’s Place.

The History of Susan's Place

Meet Our Housing Specialists

Over 1,200 women have been placed in permanent housing since Susan’s Place opened in 2008. This is a tremendous accomplishment. However, there is a significant amount of work that goes into helping each individual woman. In addition to our providers, our incredible housing specialist team is responsible for ending homelessness for so many.

Meet Our Housing Specialists

Housing Ends Homelessness

Jeanette (back row, center) came to Susan’s Place in 2019. In 2020 she successfully transitioned out and returned to independence with the acquisition of her new apartment. Click below to watch her discuss her transition.

52nd Street Women’s Center

The 52nd Street Women’s Center opened its doors in 2019. Although the site is still a relatively new member of the CFH family, it hasn’t wasted anytime helping women get back on their feet. Explore below to meet the women who continue to make 52nd Street a success.

Patient Receiving a Flu shot at the Bushwick health center in Brooklyn

Our Warm Welcome

Maintaining an open line of communication with the surrounding community is one of the most important parts of operating a shelter. Click below to learn more about the warm welcome we received from Manhattan Community Board 4!

A Warm Welcome at 52nd Street

They Are Not Their Status

All victories, big and small, are dependent upon dismantling the various stigmas against homelessness. Danielle Durham, the Administrative Assistant at 52nd Street, does this at work and in her free time.

โ€œI donโ€™t see a homeless person,โ€ she explains. โ€œI see a woman who wants to get her life together, a mother who things didnโ€™t work out for, but she wants to do better.โ€

We spoke with Danielle when she was the Recreation Coordinator. Click below to learn about her, her work and how she helped women throughout the COVID-19 pandemic and beyond.

They Are Not Their Status

Danielle Durham Essential Worker

Jacqueline’s Story

Jacqueline entered the New York City shelter system in late 2019. Eventually, she found herself at 52nd Street where she was connected with a variety of health and social services. In August of 2020, she signed a lease for a new apartment. Click below to hear her talk about her amazing success story!


Susan Neibacher was CFH’s first Executive Director. In her time, she pioneered many innovative health care practices that we still implement today. Susan passed away in 2004, just as we were beginning to work on our first shelter. You know it today as Susan’s Place. Click below to read about Susan’s work and legacy.

Susan's Legacy

Susan N

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